George Conway brutally blows up Christian Trump fan's manic claim the president is 'protected by God and angels'
Attorney George Conway speaking to Georgetown Law (screengrab)

A very direct and to-the-point George Conway -- husband of senior Donald Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway -- had little patience on Saturday morning with one of the president's rabid Christian fans who claimed that Trump is under heavenly protection from God and his angels.

Conway who has become one of the president's most prominent critics for a whole host of reasons -- and has hinted he thinks the president is mentally ill and should be removed from office -- somehow came across a tweet by Twitter user @Mariamedia7777 and attempted to bring her back to Earth.

"Donald Trump is heavily guarded by the host of angels ,he is protected by God & when you KNOW the SPIRITUAL realm ,you KNOW NOTHING can stop what God HIMSELF has ordained !! Trump WILL be in office for 8 years says the courts of heaven, so democrats you are FINISHED!!!!" she wrote.

Conway put a hole in her theory by with the simple request, "um, remind me who the patron saint of porn-star payoffs is again."

You can see the point/counter-point below: