Jeffrey Epstein's days of using his wealth and connections to 'thwart justice' are over: Ex-prosecutor
Jeffrey Epstein (Youtube)

On Monday, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner proclaimed that billionaire wealth manager Jeffrey Epstein, indicted over the weekend on charges of child sex trafficking, will finally face proper consequences for his actions:

Epstein has long been pursued by allegations of trafficking underage girls at sex parties at his many properties around the country, assaulting his victims and potentially passing them around to unspecified friends.

But he has repeatedly escaped proper punishment. Alexander Acosta, now President Donald Trump's Secretary of Labor, cut a bizarrely lenient plea bargain while serving as a U.S. attorney, letting Epstein accept only a few months in jail for soliciting prostitution. Epstein has since paid out massive settlements to his alleged victims to keep the details of the offenses private.