Makers of 'Patriot Canes' run ads endorsing bludgeoning antifascist protestors
The start of a massive brawl at an alt-right rally in Portland, Oregon, which was declared a riot by police/Screenshot from video by Mike Bivins

On Saturday, ahead of the far-right "Demand Free Speech" rally which is predicted to draw counterprotests in Washington, D.C., Arc Digital writer Caroline Orr reported that the makers of a solid steel cane are advertising it online as a means of beating up unruly liberals and "Antifa" demonstrators.

"#Antifa knows to attack where legal gun owners aren't allowed to carry a gun," said one ad for "Patriot Canes." "They know we're honest, law abiding citizens. They are why we changed the design of our canes to fight back against their solid steel bike locks."

"Don't wait until the day you wake up in the hospital after a bunch of liberals have attacked you with a bike lock," said another ad. "I started Patriot Cane because of being attacked at a Trump rally. They are attacking us again. Be ready for #ANTIFA."

Alt-right activists have gone into overdrive after right-wing reporter Andy Ngo was attacked by counterprotestors at an event in Portland, Oregon. Some groups have circulated unsubstantiated information that "Antifa" activists plan to attack conservatives with milkshakes loaded with quick drying cement and other chemicals. While there is no evidence to support this claim, it has caused right-wingers to urge each other to carry weapons to the rally in D.C.