New York State petitions federal judge to block Trump from any more Census shenanigans
Donald Trump speaks from the White House's Oval Office (CNN/screen grab)

On Friday, NPR correspondent Hansi Lo Wang reported that the the state of New York is petitioning District Judge Jesse Furman to issue an injunction blocking President Donald Trump's officials from amending the 2020 Census to include a citizenship question:

The Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, refused to reverse a lower court's decision putting the change on hold as evidence mounted that the administration lied about the question's purpose. The Justice Department initially moved to stop litigating the matter, but Trump ordered them to continue and is now suggesting he'll reinstate the question by executive order.

Another district judge, George Hazel, has moved to allow discovery by plaintiffs on the citizenship question, to collect evidence that the administration deliberately sought to intimidate the Hispanic population and undercount non-white areas for congressional representation and funding.