Republican 'Parks and Recreation' themed attack on Democratic senator fails miserably
Senator Gary Peters (Youtube)

Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) is one of only two Democratic senators standing for re-election next year in states that President Donald Trump carried in 2016. As such, he is one of the National Republican Senatorial Committee's top targets.

But on Monday, the NRSC's attempt to attack Peters with a subtle reference from the workplace comedy "Parks and Recreation" fell flat.

The pair of tweets are presumably a reference to Gary Gergich, the bumbling Pawnee Parks Department employee who nobody paid attention to except when he made a mistake, and who was referred to by the other characters as "Jerry" and "Larry" for several seasons because he was too polite to correct them. Incidentally, Gergich was an overwhelmingly wholesome character and went on to become the town's beloved mayor in the series finale.

The NRSC's juvenile joke was met mostly with ridicule from social media: