Top House Republican defends Trump: ‘I didn’t get to see’ racist rally but president ‘moved on with his speech’
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Screen Capture)

President 'Talked About Love This of Country' in Tweets McCarthy Claims

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is defending President Donald Trump to the hilt. The California Republican lawmaker falsely told reporters Thursday that President Trump's racist tweets attacking Rep. Ilhan Omar and other progressive Democratic Congresswomen were simply talking about "the love of this country."

Leader McCarthy also falsely claimed "the president did not name" Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

"I didn't get to see the rally but I saw a clip," McCarthy continued. "The president didn't join in any chant like that," he added, referring to the racist chant supporters repeatedly shouted Wednesday evening: "send her back."

When told by a reporter that the president "just stood there" as supporters chanted "send her back," McCarthy interjected, "The President moved on with his speech."

McCarthy appeared to be reading from talking points throughout his remarks.

McCarthy also denied Trump had any responsibility for the actions of his supporters, even though he had plenty of opportunity to tell them their words were unacceptable, as previous leaders at rallies have done.

McCarthy is perhaps best known for saying in 2016 that he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin pays then-candidate Donald Trump, and that the Republicans' Benghazi investigations were designed to destroy Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate.