Trump buried in ridicule for basking in coverage of his 'photo op' with North Korea's Kim Jong-un
Trump/Kim Jong-un -- AFP

President Donald Trump was roundly mocked for bragging about news coverage of his hastily convened meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Trump and Kim met at the demilitarized zone Sunday for a handshake before holding a private meeting, and the U.S. president basked in the international coverage of the event.

"Thank you to President Moon of South Korea for hosting the American Delegation and me immediately following the very successful G-20 in Japan," Trump tweeted. "While there, it was great to call on Chairman Kim of North Korea to have our very well covered meeting. Good things can happen for all!"

Trump then thanked Japan's prime minister Shinzō Abe for his hospitality during this weekend's G-20 summit, where his daughter Ivanka Trump took a prominent role.

Other social media users objected to Trump's meeting with Kim and asked why his daughter was serving as a U.S. representative.