Trump freaks out ahead of Mueller testimony -- and Democrats ready new subpoenas
President Donald Trump faces more investigations after being cleared of collusion with Russia in the Mueller probe. (AFP / Eric BARADAT)

President Donald Trump is freaking out about the continuing investigations into his 2016 campaign and family business.

Robert Mueller is scheduled to testify July 17 before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, and Democrats will vote Thursday to subpoena 12 of the former special counsel's witnesses — including Jared Kushner, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, his former deputy Rod Rosenstein, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, former chief of staff John Kelly and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

"Now the Democrats have asked to see 12 more people who have already spent hours with Robert Mueller, and spent a fortune on lawyers in so doing," Trump tweeted. "How many bites at the apple do they get before working on Border Loopholes and Asylum."

"They also want to interview the highly conflicted and compromised Mueller again," the president added. "He said he was 'done' after his last 9 minute speech, and that he had nothing more to say outside of the No Collusion, No Obstruction, Report. Enough already, go back to work! I won, unanimously, the big Emoluments case yesterday!"