Trump is a 'chaos agent' whose luck is due to 'run out': political scientist
President Donald Trump yells at reporters at the White House (Screen cap).

Brian Klaas, an assistant professor of global politics at University College London, thinks that President Donald Trump has been incredibly lucky so far in his presidency -- but he warns that luck is due to run out in the near future.

Writing in the Washington Post, Klaas points out that Trump has not experienced anything like the major crises that have plagued other presidents during their tenures in office and has instead only faced crises of his own making.

"No president can be lucky indefinitely," he writes. "That maxim is particularly true with Trump, who made decisions early in his presidency that are now creating predictable — but potentially catastrophic — consequences. He is a chaos agent, and that chaos is finally catching up to him -- and to us."

Klaas in particular points to Trump's reckless actions on pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal with absolutely no strategy of how to get Iran back to the negotiating table as a major potential risk to American security.

"When Trump’s luck runs out, as it inevitably will, so too will America’s," he writes. "Presumably, Trump is banking on the hope that the damage from his diplomatic gambles will be felt only after he either is reelected or leaves office."

Klaas concludes by linking Trump's approach to governing with the way that he ran multiple failed casinos into the ground.

"If that’s the case, Trump will have taken his business strategy to the White House -- gamble, risk it all, and when you lose, walk away or stick someone else with the bill," he writes. "But this time, it won’t be contractors and construction companies who have to deal with the losses. It’ll be us."

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