Trump keeps up racist attacks by promoting fan praising him for 'send her home' rally chant by his 'big and patriotic crowd'
President Donald J. Trump delivers a speech during the "Make America Great Again" rally held at the Mohegan Sun Arena. (Brandon Stivers /

In an early morning tweet where it appears Donald Trump is trying to have it both ways, the president writes he was not "particularly happy " with the racist "send her home" chant at his North Carolina rally, while at the same time retweeting a fan who encouraged him to make the attacks on immigrants his new 2020 campaign slogan.

The president wrote: "As you can see, I did nothing to lead people on, nor was I particularly happy with their chant. Just a very big and patriotic crowd. They love the USA!"

However the clip the president included came with the encouragement: "New Campaign slogan for #2020? 'Don’t love it? Leave it!' Send her back is the new lock her up. Well done to #TeamTrump."

You can see the tweet below: