Trump-loving Christian reporter freaks out at CNN after it busts Trump for lying about 'send her back' chants

David Brody, a reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network, delivered an angry tirade at CNN because the network caught President Donald Trump red-handed telling lies about his reaction to Wednesday night's racist "send her back" chants at his campaign rally.

Shortly after Trump falsely claimed that he tried to stop his supporters from chanting about deporting Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), CNN rolled a video that showed the president stood in silence for at least 12 seconds while letting the crowd chant.

Brody lashed out at CNN by demanding they give Trump credit for saying he didn't like the "send her back" chant even though he blatantly lied about his real-time reaction to it.

"The liberal media is truly sad. @CNN reporters are focusing in on how Donald Trump said he tried to stop the chant despite the video showing that he waiting 12 seconds before continuing," he wrote on Twitter. "Hey, how about the REAL headline which is that he disavows it and wasn’t happy about it!"

CNN's Andrew Kaczynski responded to Brody's attack by posting a gif from the film "Toy Story" in which Buzz Lightyear tells Woody that "you are a sad, strange little man."

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is a CNN reporter who has decided to use insults to make his point, this proving my point of liberal bias," Brody wrote in response.