Trump's Pentagon spokeswoman forced staff to run errands — and even help her adopt a foster child: report
Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White -- screenshot

On Thursday, the Department of Defense Inspector General released a scathing report on ex-Pentagon spokesperson Dana White, the result of an investigation that began last year following ethics complaints from her staff.

The IG concluded that White used federal staffers to help her run personal errands both during and outside of work hours. Officials were forced to book her personal travel, deliver lunch and snacks to her office, act as her chauffeur, handle her dry cleaning, and book a makeup artist to come to her house.

The report even says that she directed her Senior Military Assistant "to contact a social worker to facilitate starting required paperwork to adopt a child" from a foster care agency. The assistant told the IG that it made her job more difficult because she "searched a little while to find the information."

White has also been accused of retaliating against staffers who complained that these errands weren't part of their jobs, transferring them out of her office. The IG's office has said that that is being investigated in a separate report.

White resigned abruptly at the end of last year, shortly after the ethics investigation into her was made public.