WATCH: Viciously homophobic Florida candidate gets skewered trying to defend ‘gay is a choice’ in interview
Chico Cromartie

Says ‘Philosophy’ of Homosexuality is Being ‘Forced’ on Local Residents

St. Petersburg city council candidate Chico Cromartie was unable to defend his claim that being gay is a choice, which is a key component of his campaign, messaging, and even policy proposals, during a local Florida radio interviewThursday (video below.)

Cromartie, a strong Trump supporter who is becoming known as the “to hell with gay pride” candidate, based on his vicious remarks on social media, had plenty to say. But when asked specific questions about his anti-gay beliefs, just could not offer any valid answer to support them.

By the end of the interview it was clear Cromartie, who repeated over and over his false belief that being gay is a choice, thinks men can stop being gay if they just stop choosing to have sex with men. He also calls it “alarming” that people are “afraid” to oppose homosexuality, and wrongly calls homosexuality a “philosophy” that is “forced on a lot of residents.”

The candidate, who has not publicly shared much about his background, claims the Black community in St. Petersburg is suffering because of the local LGBTQ community.

“There appears to be that there’s a disparity in resources being allocated by the city administration,” he said, apparently suggesting, based on his platform, the LGBTQ community is better supported financially that the Black community.

“It appears to favor one segment of the population,” he told “Drew Garabo Live” on 102.5 The Bone.

When confronted with the fact that St. Pete Pride brings in tens of millions of dollars to the city’s economy, all he could say in response was, “the media does say that.”

The interview then moved to his anti-LGBTQ platform.

“The fact that people are afraid to disagree with homosexuality is alarming to me,” Cromartie told listeners, claiming the city council membership “that’s predominantly homosexual, so the philosophy is kind of forced on a lot of residents.”

Three of the eight city council members are gay.

Cromartie went on to discuss his views on homosexuality.

“I believe, and a lot of Americans do, that it’s a choice. They can wake up one day and say, ‘I don’t want to do that anymore.’ It’s not like, ‘Oh, I got to sleep with the same sex.’ I don’t think that people are compelled to do it to that extent.”

Asked if he could wake up and want to sleep with a man, Cromartie said, “No. never.”

And asked if he chose women over men, Cromartie said: “I think every man does.”

When challenged, he clarified, his fists clenched, saying it’s “physically a choice,” and adding, “I’m not judging anybody, I’m just saying it’s a choice.”

“It’s kind of strange to me that people would think my views on homosexuality are in the minority of the modern population.”

His views, in fact, are in the minority.

Toward the end of the interview a caller who identified himself as someone who is gay but grew up “self-hating,” blasted Cromartie, for thinking that being gay is about sex and not understanding that it’s about who you love.

Asked to respond, Cromartie could only say, “That’s what he chose to be.”

“Sex is always a choice. I mean, you could choose to have sex or not,” Cromartie insisted.