‘We need to open an impeachment inquiry’: Democratic Caucus vice chair announces post-Mueller shift in strategy
Rep. Katherine Clark, (D-MA) via Facebook.

Efforts to opening an impeachment inquiry gained a major boost on Thursday when the vice-chair of the House Democratic Caucus offered her support.

Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) issued a statement announcing her new position on Thursday, the day after former special counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress.

"Throughout his life and presidency, Donald Trump has proven himself unfit to serve. He has no respect for the rule of law, has put kids in cages, regularly tramples on the Constitution, and uses racist words, acts and policies to divide our country," Clark said. "Since the release of the Mueller Report in April, it has been clear that the President committed impeachable offenses by welcoming interference from a hostile foreign power in the 2016 election and then attempting to obstruct the investigation into his unpatriotic actions."

"Moreover, he said he would do it all again if given the chance," she added.

"All of our efforts to put the facts before the American people, however, have been met with unprecedented stonewalling and obstruction. That is why I believe we need to open an impeachment inquiry that will provide us a more formal way to fully uncover the facts," she announced. "An impeachment inquiry is a process, not an outcome, but I fear there is no amount of wrongdoing that we could uncover that would convince Senate Republicans to hold the President accountable."

"We can’t allow Republican inaction to prop the door open for thieves to steal an election. We must be relentless in exposing the truth, act to protect our national security, and ensure that every eligible American can vote without foreign interference," she concluded.