Anti-LGBTQ ‘Straight Pride’ organizers again fail to meet permit deadline but insist event will still take place
Don Grundmann (Screen Capture)

The City of Modesto, California gave the organizers of a “straight pride” parade until 5 PM Tuesday to obtain and submit proof of insurance required to hold their event. It was a second chance for The National Straight Pride Coalition to follow the rules, which they were unable to do once again. Last week their request for a permit was denied, on the grounds their chosen venue was inappropriate, and because they reportedly had lost their insurance.

But National Straight Pride Coalition founder Don Grundmann (photo) insists some sort of event will take place on August 24, CBS Sacramento reports (video below). Grundmann blames what he calls the slow wheels of bureaucracy for the delay.

The group claims it is a “national” organization, yet has only one chapter. But it has been getting national attention for what some say are its homophobic, bigoted, Christian nationalist, racist, and even white supremacist views.

In a statement sent to NCRM, Equality California described the organization as “an extreme anti-LGBTQ and white supremacist group.”

Grundmann himself received nationwide attention after he told the Modesto city council, “We’re a totally peaceful racist group,” He later said he misspoke.

The group’s website offers proof that perhaps he did not.

The parade  is listed on the group’s website as one of its “War Activities.” And its manifesto refers to “Caucasians” as “the biological majority of the historical developers and founders of Western Civilization.” It also calls Christianity “the religious form of the formation, development, and advancement of Western Civilization; i.e.; the engine of bringing prosperity and equality to all of humanity.”