Rev. Donté Hickman of Baltimore's Southern Baptist Church met with President Donald Trump in the White House last year in the hopes of getting help for his city.

Months later, however, Hickman tells the Daily Beast that the Trump White House has done "nothing yet" for Baltimore.

"I hear the president say he’s done so much for Baltimore and cities like it, and maybe he thinks... he has," Hickman told the publication. "But he should count it, and do the math, and [ask] where is that money going in what areas, and how does it help the rat and rodent infested, filthy areas of the city that he spoke about."

Even though the president has trashed both Baltimore and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) over the past week, Hickman says that Trump himself hasn't even lived up to the promises he made to improve life in the city.

"You can't keep talking about it and not do something about it," said Hickman, who also said that the Trump White House had delivered "zero" dollars in grants or other assistance to help out Baltimore. "I am not one of those who has called the president to say, ‘Thank you for what you’re doing’; I don’t know of any African Americans from the city who are saying that."

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