Canadian newspaper mocks Trump for turning to their 'socialist failure' country for help with drug costs
Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and American President Donald Trump (White House photo)

President Donald Trump has regularly beat up on Canada during his presidency, which is why one Canadian newspaper is mocking the president for looking to their country as a solution for sky-high prescription drug prices.

In a scathing editorial in The Globe and Mail, the editors roast the president's latest proposal for allowing Americans to buy cheaper drugs from Canada, since he can't seem to think of any way to reduce the cost of drugs in the United States.

"All of a sudden, our complex medical regime has become the face-saving solution to a problem plaguing a President seeking re-election, while at the same time being a remedy he would never consider in his own country, and which he is happy to mock," write the editors, who also note that Trump has in the past derided Canada as a "socialist failure."

The editors also note the irony that the president is "encouraging at least one group of people to cross a country’s southern border, in search of a better life."

On a more serious note, the editors say that the best thing American politicians could do to control drug prices would be to implement Canadian-style price controls, including one that "sets ceiling prices for new patented drugs and limits the amount by which they can rise every year."

Read the whole editorial here.