Ex-Houston cop is charged with murder after his fraudulent search warrant got a couple killed

Former Houston police officer Gerald Goines has been indicted on felony murder charges in relation to a drug raid in January that left a couple dead, the Houston Chronicle reported this Friday.

Questions about the raid, which took place January 28, began to swirl when it was revealed that Goines had lied to obtain the search warrant. The raid resulted in a shootout that killed 58-year-old Rhogena Nicholas and 59-year-old Dennis Tuttle. Goines was also wounded in the shootout as were four other officers.

Goines has been charged with two counts of murder, while his former partner Steven Bryant was charged with tampering with a government record, according to Harris County prosecutors.

According to reports, the warrant on the couple's house was justified by Goines who said that an informant had bought heroin there and had seen a weapon. When investigators tried to find out who the informant was, Goines provided two names, but when investigators followed up, the two informants named by Goines said they never bought drugs from the house and were unaware of any case related to the couple.

Goines also claimed his former partner, Steven Bryant, had bought heroin from the house, but Bryant later told investigators that the heroin he retrieved was taken from Goines' police car.

As a result of Goines' indictment, the Harris County District Attorney's office announced that it would be reviewing over 1,400 criminal cases brought by the former cop over his decades-long career.

Featured image via Houston Police Department