Fox's Shepard Smith stunned after Trump blatantly contradicts his own intel agencies and denies Russian meddling
Shepard Smith. (Screenshot/Fox News)

Fox News host Shepard Smith on Friday wondered why President Donald Trump didn't believe that Russian operatives were trying to interfere with elections in the United States.

During an interview with Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, Smith played a video of Trump from Thursday, in which the president indicated he didn’t believe Russia was trying to meddle and offered to help Russia with wildfires.

“It's one of the more baffling things of a baffling presidency,” Smith remarked. “There is no doubt that they are interfering and yet, he goes 'Do you believe that?' Yes, I believe that. I believe everyone in your government, I believe everyone in your intelligence apparatus. Is he the only one who doesn’t believe it or is he making it up?"

Watch video below: