New report exposes 'sordid details' of Jeffrey Epstein's outrageous jail sentence as alleged in new lawsuit
Jeffrey Epstein (NBC News)

Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking of young women continued even as he was supposed to be in jail in 2008, according to a new lawsuit detailed in the Miami Herald.

The financier and sex offender pleaded guilty to state charges of prostitution in 2008, mysteriously escaping much more severe federal sex trafficking charges via a non-prosecution agreement that is now under review. Epstein’s treatment by prosecutors has come under close scrutiny because of many such bizarre decisions, which nearly all observers agree constituted a “sweetheart deal” given the evidence against him.

One of the most outrageous features of the sentence he received is that, while he only served 13 months in a Palm Beach County jail, he was allowed to leave the facility for six days a week, 12 hours a day to work at his organization, the Florida Science Foundation. And a new lawsuit now claims it was an even more preposterous accommodation than it seems at first.

The Herald reported on the allegations about a girl called Kaitlyn Doe:

According to her lawsuit, Epstein in 2006 promised to help her cure an eating disorder but instead lured her into sex acts in a massage room at his Manhattan mansion. She was 17 at the time, and a virgin.

Kaitlyn was flown to Epstein’s luxury compound in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he coerced her into sex, she said. That led to months of sex acts, all while promising to pay for her “expensive, necessary surgeries,” according to the lawsuits filed by attorneys J. Stanley Pottinger and Bradley Edwards.

Later in October 2008, when Epstein was serving his jail sentence in Palm Beach County, he coerced the young woman into flying to Florida, where he promised her a job at his organization, the Florida Science Foundation.

But the young woman did not do any foundation work. Instead, Epstein again coerced the woman into sex acts — sometimes alone, sometime with another young woman — all while he was supposed to be on work release, the suit said.

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