Terror plot thwarted after white supremacist leaves phone on bus — and gets busted: feds
A person with an iPhone (AFP Photo/Stephane de Sakutin)

Federal agents believe the arrest of a Colorado child pornography suspect may have stopped a domestic terror plot.

Wesley David Gilreath was charged Tuesday with possession of child pornography, but federal authorities said his arrest was also intended to potentially stop a domestic terror attack, reported the Daily Camera.

The 29-year-old Boulder man is suspected of writing an online guide to committing violent hate crimes against refugee centers, synagogues and mosques.

A magistrate judge ordered Gilreath held without bond on the pornography charge, and he remains under investigation for other potential crimes.

An FBI agent confirmed in January that Gilreath had posted a so-called “Montana Hunting Guide” online targeting Jews, Muslims, Montana National Guard facilities, Bureau of Land Management offices and a refugee center, according to court documents.

He was not arrested at that time, but he fell under federal scrutiny again in May after leaving his father's iPhone -- which he had been using -- on a bus.

The phone contained thousands of photographs of sexual violence involving children and animals, investigators said.

Prosecutors found evidence that Gilreath had searched for a book about gaining children's trust, and he also had white supremacist literature and paraphernalia, as well as lists of local mosque and synagogue addresses.

Gilreath had recently attempted to purchase a gun and previously failed multiple times to appear for court hearings.

He blamed his father after Gilreath was denied May 24 for a gun purchase by a Boulder retailer.

"You've permanently ruined my ability to buy a gun in CO and other states," he texted his father, according to investigators.