Trump has spent his vacation golfing, watching cable TV -- and panicking about a recession: AP
Kid Rock and Donald Trump golfing (Twitter)

While President Donald Trump has been able to golf frequently while on vacation in New Jersey, he may not return to DC well-rested.

"Trump has spent much of the week at his New Jersey golf club, many of his mornings on the links, his afternoons watching cable television and his evenings calling confidants and business executives to get their take on the market’s volatility," the Associated Press reported Friday.

"Though he has expressed private worries about Wall Street, he is also skeptical about some of the weaker economic indicators, wondering if the media and establishment figures are manipulating the data to make him look bad, according to two Republicans close to the White House, not authorized to discuss private conversations," the AP noted.

The fact White House staff can't be honest with Trump is also playing a role.

"His skepticism has been reinforced by White House officials who have long been inclined to only show Trump rosier economic assessments," the AP noted.

"“I think we’re heading down that road to recession — we’re on that steady march toward that inevitable conclusion. It’s just that drip, drip, drip of trade war anxiety that is hanging over market sentiment," said Scott Anderson, the chief economist at Bank of the West.