Trump-loving Kentucky governor bizarrely ignores newspaper reporter: ‘I only take questions from journalists’
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (Screen cap).

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin took a page out of President Donald Trump's playbook by ignoring a reporter he apparently doesn't like.

The Trump-backing Republican governor refused to take a question from the Courier-Journal reporter Joe Sonka, who covers government and politics for the Louisville newspaper, and questioned whether he was actually a journalist.

"Bevin refused to take a question from me about local government pensions, telling me 'I only take questions from journalists,'" Sonka tweeted.

The award-winning veteran reporter noted that Bevin refused to make eye contact with him during his outburst.

Bevin, who appeared Thursday at a sparsely attended Pikeville rally with Donald Trump Jr., took questions from TV reporters and complained about the coal policies of his predecessor, Steve Beshear, and his Democratic challenger Andy Beshear.