Trump melts down on 'LameStream Media' for still covering his Russia ties: "ALL APOLOGIZE!'
Donald Trump (Screen Capture)

President Donald Trump gloated over MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell apologizing for a thinly sourced report about his alleged financial ties to Russia -- and demanded other media outlets do the same.

O'Donnell reported Tuesday that Deutsche Bank records showed seven Russian oligarchs had co-signed loans for Trump before he became president, although he later apologized and said the claims were based on a single source that was not properly vetted by NBC News.

"Crazy Lawrence O’Donnell, who has been calling me wrong from even before I announced my run for the Presidency, even being previously forced by NBC to apologize," Trump tweeted, "which he did while crying, for things he said about me & The Apprentice, was again forced to apologize, this time for the most ridiculous claim of all, that Russia, Russia, Russia, or Russian oligarchs, co-signed loan documents for me, a guarantee."

Trump, sounding like a comic book villain, demanded fealty from other media outlets for reporting his extensive ties to Russia.

"Totally false, as is virtually everything else he, and much of the rest of the LameStream Media, has said about me for years," the president tweeted. "ALL APOLOGIZE!"