Cybercrime expert blows up Jerry Falwell Jr's 'totally insane' claim that he's the victim of a vast conspiracy
Jerry Falwell, Jr. at Liberty University (Screenshot)

Trump-loving Liberty University chief Jerry Falwell Jr. is now claiming that he's the victim of a "criminal" smear campaign being conducted by disgruntled former employees -- but one cybercrime expert thinks Falwell's new conspiracy theory doesn't hold any water.

Earlier this week, Falwell said that he has asked the FBI to investigate whether former employees illegally leaked out internal emails that supposedly are the property of Liberty University in an effort to make him look bad.

However, expert Nick Akerman tells the Associated Press that Falwell's accusations of a conspiracy are "totally insane." In particular, he said that ex-board members and employees of the university are allowed to share emails that they have personally received with reporters so long as they didn't hack into anyone's account to obtain them.

Additionally, he said that it did not appear that these former employees revealed any trade secrets by exposing the Falwell emails.

"I don’t think any law enforcement agency is going to be interested in this one," Akerman, a former federal prosecutor, explained.

Falwell has claimed that former employees and board members have been leaking dirt about him because he is such an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, although he has provided no evidence to back up this claim.