'Do something fast': Odessa widow says Trump cannot make America great again until it is safe from guns
Aftermath of mass shooting in Midland and Odessa (screengrab)

On Tuesday, The Daily Beast reported that Bari Arco, the wife of Odessa, Texas shooting victim Rudolfo Arco, is desperately calling on President Donald Trump to support reform of the nation's gun laws.

"He wants to make America great again, we want him to say that he wants Americans to be safe again," said Arco. "It’s unfair. The Congress, somebody needs to do something fast before another victim, another family … that’s uncalled for. Please do something."

Arco, whose family emigrated from Cuba, said that she believes America is the "best country," but is currently "not safe."

"Look what happened," said Arco. "He was coming from work, driving his truck, and that’s it. He’s gone."

Reports suggest that the gunman in Odessa was deemed mentally unfit to own a gun, but obtained an AR-style rifle anyway through a private sale, which does not require a federal background check. Democrats have long called for the closure of this loophole, something that President Donald Trump has shown an unwillingness to consider.