Fox News reporter stunned by timing of Bolton's firing: He was listed in the schedule today as giving a briefing

Fox News correspondent John Roberts wasn’t surprised that President Donald Trump fired his national security advisor John Bolton on Tuesday – but he was surprised by the timing of Bolton’s termination.

“What is surprising is that John Bolton was listed in the media schedule today as giving a briefing with Mike Pompeo and Steve Mnuchin at 1:30 this afternoon,” Roberts explained.

“What I can tell you, because I’ve been talking to folks at the White House about this or the administration on an off-the-record basis. John Bolton was quickly falling into disfavor among very significant players at the White House, most recently because of his disagreement with the president over having the Taliban at Camp David.”

Besides clashing with other members of the administration, Bolton “had run afoul of the president in a way that the president eventually became tired of,” Roberts added.

“This has been building over the course of several months but it has just been in recent days that this thing has taken on a terrific amount of momentum. The way the people inside the White House, who were in very high positions, were talking about him --you knew that he was on his way out soon. A little surprised it happened this quickly.”

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