Georgia substitute teacher fired for allegedly putting students on racist list of 'angels' and 'devils'
Desks in an empty elementary school classroom (

On Thursday, the Daily Mail reported that a substitute teacher at Awtrey Middle School in Cobb County, Georgia has been fired after children complained that he was branding "black children as devils and white children as angels."

Students took pictures of the note and sent it to their parents, causing outrage.

"A substitute teacher was fired after school administration was made aware that the substitute composed two lists, one titled 'angels' and the other titled 'devils,'" said one school administrator. "The names of black and white students appeared in both columns."

Nevertheless, many families believe there was a racial stereotyping component to the list.

"Please, if you're reading this ... don't say how you're sorry this happened to my son who is a straight A student, comes from a two-parent household and flies planes in his spare time," one mother wrote on Facebook, adding that more needs to be done to combat stereotypes.

As the Daily Mail noted, this is one of several similar controversies in Cobb County schools. In 2017, a student at North Cobb High School posted on social media that he wanted to kill black people, and in November a South Cobb High School teacher threatened to hang black students if they didn't be quiet.