Here are the Paul Krugman tweets that likely sent Trump into his Labor Day tantrum
Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman smiles during the World Business Forum in New York (AFP)

Early Labor Day morning, Donald Trump attacked Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman on Twitter, seemingly out of the blue, before going on extended rants at former FBI Director James Comey, the Washington Post and the media in general.

While some of the president's attacks were inspired by whatever he happened to be seeing on Fox News at the time, the new subject of his ire (Krugman) seems to have set him off by pointing out a deep dive into the president's "Opportunity Zone" tax initiative that has paid off in a big way for some of the Trump's close friends and associates.

“Since my election, many trillions of dollars of worth has been created for our Country, and the Stock Market is up over 50%. If you followed the advice of the Failing New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman, you’d be doing VERY poorly – you’d be angry and hurt. He never got it!” Trump tweeted.

Below you can see a 6-part tweet aimed at Trump that likely made the president lash out.