Kellyanne Conway compares Trump to Nixon as House panel considers impeachment investigation

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Thursday didn't rule out President Donald Trump naming Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to serve as his new national security advisor, noting that former President Richard Nixon's national security advisor had also served as his secretary of state at the same time.

"I believe Secretary of State Pompeo is doing an excellent job over at State and that he will, of course, have input into who the next [National Security Council] head is as well. There are many people of diverse backgrounds, all solid candidates, I know first-hand the president is considering for that position," Conway said during an interview on Fox News.

But Conway refused to name anyone in particular. "In the end, it's his foreign policy national security agenda that needs to be executed and implemented. This president has been transparent and successful in terms of communicating directly with the public what he sees as bad actors around the world that he met with."

Conway was also asked if Pompeo was being considered.

"That's something that Presidents Nixon and Ford did with Henry Kissinger, of course," Conway responded. "It wouldn't be unprecedented... Clearly the Secretary of State has the president’s ear and his trust and has been making great strides in implementing the president’s agenda around the globe and he will continue to be a very important strong voice here as America’s top diplomat."

Conway's comments came as the House Judiciary Committee was holding a hearing to define the rules of the panel's impeachment investigation.

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