'Loser': Liz Cheney and Rand Paul battle each other with white hot hate in unseemly fight for Trump's love
Rand Paul and Liz Cheney (screen grab)

A dispute between Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) devolved into name-calling on Thursday.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Cheney took exception to Paul's not-so-subtle dig at Cheney and the "neocon" desire for "endless war" after President Donald Trump accepted the resignation of National Security Adviser John Bolton.

Cheney fired back that she would "never surrender to terrorists, unlike" Paul.

Paul then accused Cheney of "NeverTrump warmongering."

In an appearance on CNN, Paul said Cheney and her father are "never Trumpers" who are part of the "foreign policy swamp that has been trying to undermine President Trump.”

Soon after Paul's CNN appearance, Cheney fired another shot on Twitter.

"I know the 2016 race was painful for you since you were such a big loser (then & now)," she wrote.