New Jersey man indicted as possible Hezbollah terrorist who wanted to bomb FBI, bridges and tunnels
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NBC investigative reporter Tom Winter reported Thursday that the U.S. Attorneys office in New York has indicted a New Jersey man who was scouting locations to bomb in the United States in the name of Hezbollah.

According to NBC News, Alexei Saab was arrested in July after he was discovered to be scouting locations like the FBI building in New York, bridges and tunnels in New Jersey and New York, Rockefeller Plaza, Times Square, as well as some targets in Boston and Washington, D.C. like Fenway Park.

He also attempted to kill someone he thought was an Israeli spy.

"He had a handler according to court documents from Hezbollah, somebody that was arrested July this year, has been detained," Winter said. "He is in custody at this point."

Watch Winter's comments below: