Pelosi to announce ‘formal impeachment inquiry’ of Trump: Report
Nancy Pelosi (Screen Capture)

'Weeks Not Months'

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is expected to announce a "formal impeachment inquiry" into President Donald Trump "this afternoon," according to NBC and MSNBC news analyst Howard Fineman.

Fineman cites a very "solid" House leadership source, and adds that the Speaker will also "imply that she herself favors impeachment:

"Later today," Speaker Pelosi hours ago told NBC News, "I will make an announcement after I meet with my chairmen, my leadership and my caucus."

That meeting is slated for 4 PM.

Fineman's reporting echoes that of journalist David Shuster, who reports that Pelosi "will green light a 'narrow' impeachment inquiry" to obtain a vote on impeachment "in weeks not months."

Currently 163 House Democrats support impeaching President Trump.

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