'She could kill someone!' Witnesses gobsmacked by racist white woman's tirade at Los Angeles CVS

In a viral video that has exploded across social media, a white woman can be seen screaming that she wants to kill black people at a CVS in Eagle Rock, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.

"I hate n****rs!" she can be heard screaming as she bounces up and down in the doorway to the pharmacy. The woman filming her says she must be "on drugs or something," to which she replies, "No, I just hate n****rs!"

"I would kill a n****r.  If the law didn’t say I couldn’t kill a n****r they’d all be dead!" she screamed as she retreated to her car. "N****R! N****R! N****R!"

The woman has been identified as Heather Lynn Patton, a 49-year-old costumer and wardrobe assistant in the TV and film industry. She has worked on shows including "The Americans," "Medium," "Private Practice," and "Rescue Me."

According to one woman who claims to have witnessed the incident, nothing prompted the outburst — Patton simply started screaming out of the blue that she wanted to lynch black people, startling a dozen or so shoppers at the pharmacy. Two witnesses reportedly witnessed her "driving erratically" when she arrived, and some kept saying, "She could kill someone!"

KTLA reports that Patton has a history of unstable behavior, with one neighbor taking our a restraining order against her and her husband after violent threats to his family.