'Stay in the closet!' Enraged NY man harasses gay Jewish activist over his pink kippah

On Tuesday, the New York Daily News reported that Adam Eli, a gay, Jewish activist, was harassed outside a subway station on 28th St. and Broadway.

The man in the video posted to Instagram can be seen demanding that Eli remove his pink kippah and shouting homophobic insults.

"Leave me alone," said Eli. "What, because I’m gay and wearing a kippah?"

"It’s a Chillul Hashem," snapped the man, meaning an act of sacrilege. "You’ll be murdered for it. Take the kippah off."

"This is my life and my city," said Eli defiantly. "I don’t have to take the kippah off."

"Stay in the closet!" screamed the man. "Make sure your closet is in another closet! ... This is not Judaism! Judaism is against abomination!"

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio responded to the incident personally on Twitter. "It takes courage to confront homophobia and tell a story like this," he wrote. "I’m sorry you had to go through this, Adam. But we’re proud of how you responded."

Watch below: