White man says he was fired for reporting racist activity at Philadelphia gas company: 'We have recordings'
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On Tuesday, KYW News Radio reported that a Joseph Dean, a former employee of Philadelphia Gas Works is filing suit in federal court, alleging that he was terminated in retaliation for reporting racist behavior from his coworkers.

Dean, who is white, reported subordinates for repeatedly using the N-word and other slurs to refer to black employees. According to his lawsuit, he first reported the offensive conduct to a white union representative, and then to a black supervisor when no follow-up was made. The supervisor alerted human resources, who terminated the offender.

The lawsuit alleges that PGW CEO Craig White and three other officials discriminated against him because the fired worker was related to someone in upper management. Dean was ostracized, called a "rat," and terminated after reporting the retaliation.

After being fired, Dean "was subjected to being cyber-stalked. There were PGW vehicles being parked in front of his car," said Dean's attorney, Isaac Green. "We have video, we have emails, we have text messages and we have telephone recordings."

The lawsuit comes after Dean filed repeated complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Dean is seeking back pay from the wrongful termination, plus damages for stress and violation of his rights.

PGW has not commented on the suit.