Nearly a quarter of U.S. voter say that there's "almost nothing" President Donald Trump could do that would make them support impeachment.

A recently released Politico survey found that support for impeaching Trump is at a new high following Democrats' move to begin an impeachment inquiry.

In all, 46 percent of voters said that they support impeachment hearings while 41 percent opposed it.

Politico noted:

POLITICO and Morning Consult have been tracking voters’ support for starting impeachment proceedings to remove Trump since early 2018. Until last week, the previous high-water mark was 42 percent, in August 2018. But that was eclipsed by the 43 percent figure last week, and then again by the 46 percent measure in the new poll.

But Politico also observed an increasing divide along party lines, with just 9 percent of Republicans supporting impeachment and only 11 percent of Democrats opposing it.

The survey also found that 24 percent of voters said they would probably never support impeachment and agreed with the statement that there's "almost nothing Trump could do that would cause me to support impeaching him and removing him from office.”

Read the entire report from Politico.