Billionaire ex-New York mayor Bloomberg still dreams of becoming president and yearns to stop Warren -- what could go wrong?
Micahel Bloomberg speaks at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics (C-SPAN/screen grab)

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering jumping into the presidential race as polls show Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren pulling even with Vice President Joe Biden — or perhaps pulling ahead — in the race for the Democratic nomination.

Bloomberg, a billionaire who founded the media company Bloomberg L.P., has “indicated to associates” in recent weeks that Biden’s struggles against Warren are making him rethink his decision to stay out of the race, CNBC reports.

Bloomberg has told his inner circle that he is “still looking at” running for president, according to the report, though associates said he would only jump in if Biden slid so badly that he is forced to drop out early in the primaries. CNBC previously reported that Bloomberg was considering spending more than $100 million of his own money to fund a centrist run.

“I think it’s something he wants. He has not been shy about that,” a Bloomberg associate told the outlet. “Nothing can happen unless Biden drops out, and that’s not happening anytime soon.”

Numerous polls published this month have shown Warren surge ahead of Biden nationally, as well as in Iowa and New Hampshire. (Although the Real Clear Politics average still shows Biden with about a six-point lead over Warren.) There has been no indication that Biden is considering dropping out, and his campaign team has told donors that they plan to target states that vote later in the primary schedule.