Mick Mulvaney truly thinks Trump can win 45 states in 2020
Mick Mulvaney appears on Fox News (screen grab)

President Donald Trump's chief of staff and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney is telling White House aides they'll win 2020 in a landslide election, Axios reported Sunday.

Trump, who won with 306 electoral votes in 2016, now stands at just 219 electoral votes, according to September state polls collected and charted by the site "270 To Win."

"People who've heard Mulvaney make this remark say he wasn't joking or even exaggerating," Axios reported. "He appears to genuinely believe that impeachment will have a profoundly positive effect on Trump's political fortunes, according to 3 sources who have heard Mulvaney make the 45-state prediction."

The Trump team seems to be working off of the experience of the 1990s impeachment of former President Bill Clinton, who lied about his extra-marital affair. The Clinton impeachment was never endorsed by American voters, according to polls at the time. Support for the Clinton impeachment reached 29 percent at its highest point. Support for the impeachment of former President Richard Nixon reached 58 percent at its peak and stood at 38 percent when the impeachment inquiry was okayed by the House in 1974. Currently, support for Trump's impeachment stands at 44 percent.

As the White House continues to block subpoenas and staff or appointees from testifying before Congress, they're drawing out the process, and they think it's their best strategy.

Mulvaney's "view appears to be based more on instinct than polling data," Axios reporter Jonathan Swan wrote. "I have seen no polling that supports his prediction, and at this early stage, responsible polling analysts are extremely wary of predicting which party will benefit more from impeachment in 2020."

Trump has already confessed to asking for a key "favor" from Ukraine. He simply believes there's nothing wrong with it.

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