Stephen Colbert rips ‘idiot’ GOP senator for defending Trump’s unconstitutional self-dealing

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert returned from New Zealand for a new show that aired Monday evening.

“I have been as far from the insatiable black hole of news that is Donald Trump as you can get on this planet.

I’ve heard there have been some developments over the last 10 days that did not go well for Donnie,”

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The host ripped Trump’s 71-minute press conference.

“Seventy-one minutes is not a press conference, it’s a one man show,” he explained. “If you liked ‘Fleabag,’ you’ll love Donald Trump in ‘Douchebag,'” he said.

‘The Late Show’ graphic (screengrab)

Colbert reported on how the White House had announced that the G-7 Summit would be held at Trump National Doral golf course.

“Wow. Taxpayer money being spent at his own place. That is bald self-dealing, you’d have to be an idiot to defend that. Enter North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer,” he said.

“But most Republicans freaked out, ran for cover, changed their names and filed off their fingerprints,” he explained. “So Saturday, Trump announced he would no longer be using Doral for the G-7.”

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