Texas cop shoots his own son after mistaking him for an intruder
Police officer holding gun (Shuttershock)

An off-duty Dallas police officer shot his own son over the weekend after mistaking him for a home intruder.

USA Today reports that the unidentified officer opened fire on his son in his house in DeSoto, Texas because he did not realize that his son had come home.

"It was a mistake," DeSoto Police Department spokesman Pete Schulte told reporters. "It was a startling situation. It was an accident."

The officer's son suffered a non life-threatening injury to his arm as a result of the shooting, and police are not expected to file charges against the officer.

The officer told DeSoto police that he suspected that his house was getting burglarized when he came home to find his garage door was open and other doors to the house were unlocked. Rather than immediately inform police, the officer decided to take matters into his own hands.

Schulte acknowledged the officer would have been better off contacting the police.

"If you come home and something doesn't feel right, doesn't bother us at all," he said. "Go ahead and call 911 so we can come out and check it out."