Donald Trump Jr. is unironically attacking Hunter Biden for trading on his father's name and reputation for business opportunities.

Joe Biden's only surviving son finds himself at the center of a foreign scandal that could end Donald Trump's presidency and hurt the former vice president's 2020 chances, but writer Molly Jong-Fast marveled at the startling lack of self-awareness displayed by the president's eldest son.

"I’m not going to litigate the insanity that is 'Ukrainium one,'" Jong-Fast wrote for The Daily Beast, "except to say that for now at least there is no evidence that Hunter Biden broke the law — but that’s never stopped Trumpworld from cooking up a faux controversy like Hillary’s emails or Robert Mueller having employed '18 angry Democrats.'"

"I’m just going to say that, no puppet, we’re all marinating now in the irony that is the Trump family’s relationship with projection," she added.

Jong-Fast, the daughter of authors Erica Jong and Jonathan Fast, admits she has benefited from the "hideous two-headed mistress that is nepotism," and understands the complications of having a famous parent, but she said Trump Jr. and his brother Eric have no business criticizing Hunter Biden.

"Yes, if there ever were a family that should sit out conversations about nepotism, it’s this one," she wrote.

She goes on to list the unflattering similarities between Trump Jr. and Hunter Biden, but she said the president's son shares the family talent for projecting their own faults onto others as coping mechanism.

"The American people, and its press, aren’t used to a president who projects with this kind of zeal. We are in uncharted territory," Jong-Fast wrote.

"But the fundamental truth remains," she added. "If the Trumps are accusing someone of doing something, they are likely doing it themselves. There is a weird horrible Trumpy brilliance in using such a primitive method of obfuscation. While pundits look for three-dimensional chess, the president and his son will be sitting there eating the plastic checkers."