Trump lashes out at Pelosi for going to Jordan to fix his Syria flub
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump (Photo by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock and Michael Vadon/Wikipedia)

President Donald Trump tweeted his anger about Speaker Nancey Pelosi (D-CA) taking a delegation of leaders to Jordan to meet with those working on Syria.

"Pelosi is now leading a delegation of 9, including Corrupt Adam Schiff, to Jordan to check out Syria. She should find out why Obama drew The Red Line In the Sand, & then did NOTHING, losing Syria & all respect. I did something, 58 missiles. One million died under Obama’s mistake!" Trump tweeted Sunday.

Vice President Mike Pence went to Turkey last week to attempt to negotiate a ceasefire, but what he ended up with was 120-hour freeze on bombing Kurds.

Pelosi and the delegation likely aren't going to renegotiate Pence's "agreement" but they may be able to smoothe things over with the Kurdish fighters, who likely feel abandoned by the United States.

Former President Barack Obama didn't act after the "red line," because he wanted the support of Congress, who is tasked with waging war, according to the Constitution.

"I had been involved in the deliberations and planning for the strikes," wrote Derek Chollet, the former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. "Yet early Saturday morning, I received a call from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s office with surprising news: The president had called Hagel late the night before and told him he 'wanted to explore another option.' Instead of ordering strikes immediately, the president wanted to pump the brakes and first go to Congress to ask for its authorization."

Obama then said in a press event the Saturday after the "red line" was crossed, that he would ask Congress for authorization to drop bombs on Syria military targets.

"What transpired over the next month was one of the most controversial and revealing episodes in eight years of Obama’s foreign policy," Chollet continued. "Despite the administration’s strong advocacy and support from a small minority of hawkish politicians, Congress and the American people proved strongly opposed to the use of force. In the end, however, the threat of military action and a surprise offer by Russia ended up achieving something no one had imagined possible: the peaceful removal of 1,300 tons of Syria’s chemical weapons (there have been reports of stray weapons and widespread use of industrial chemicals like chlorine, but no evidence of systematic deception on the part of the Syrian government)."