Trump to demand immigrants have health insurance -- or be wealthy: report
President Donald Trump with Customs and Border Patrol agents. White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

President Donald Trump has a new plan to curtail legal immigration into America, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday in an exclusive.

"President Trump plans to sign a proclamation requiring immigrant-visa applicants to show they can afford health care," the newspaper reported, citing "familiar with the matter."

"The action, which is set to take effect in 30 days, would require applicants, including people with ties to family members in the U.S., to show they can get health insurance or prove their financial ability to pay for medical care, the people said. The action wouldn’t apply to refugees or immigrants who have won asylum," The Journal reported. "The move would mark the latest effort by the Trump administration to restrict immigrants’ ability to enter the U.S."

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