Bolton returns to Twitter, says White House tried to silence him, gets slammed: ‘Stop trying to sell books and testify’
Donald Trump and John Bolton

Former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton, who resigned  in early September, has been under attack for not testifying before the House Intelligence Committee's impeachment inquiry. Bolton, however, does have a new $2 million book deal, leading some to criticize the career consultant and diplomat (and some say war hawk) for not revealing what he knows about the Trump administration unless he can sell it in a book.s impeachment inquiry

Friday morning "Fox & Friends," during its non-stop 57 minute interview, asked President Trump about Bolton – and specifically if he had frozen his Twitter account, since the former Ambassador has not tweeted in months.

"No, of course not, I had a good relationship with John,” replied Trump, who claimed he had fired Bolton in September. Bolton furiously disagreed.

Friday morning, barely an hour after Trump's "Fox & Friends" remarks, Bolton tweeted, "We have now liberated the Twitter account, previously suppressed unfairly in the aftermath of my resignation as National Security Advisor.

Hours later he announced the White House had "refused to return access to my personal Twitter account" after he left.

It's unclear why the White House would have control over his personal Twitter account, but as some said, he could have wrested it the same way anyone else would have, by emailing a password change request.

Others were more blunt, criticizing Bolton for not going to the media or to Congress with all he knows. Remember, Bolton allegedly said he refused to be part of Trump and Mulvaney's Ukraine "drug deal."

Here's how some are responding to Bolton now: