Christian leaders laid hands on and prayed for Donald Trump ahead of impeachment vote
Christian Leaders Lay Hands and Pray over Trump Official White House Photos by Joyce Boghosian

President Donald Trump's evangelical Christian supporters laid hands on and prayed for the president this week in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, just days before the House of Representatives voted to pass impeachment inquiry procedures.

Among those in attendance, hate group head Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council; Former GOP Congresswoman and failed presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann; Fox News contributor, and anti-Muslim, anti-Catholic, and Judaism Dallas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress; Focus On The Family and Family Research Council founder Dr. James Dobson; American Values President Gary Bauer; Prosperity Gospel pastor Paula White Cain; and others.

The Christian Post reports Dr. Jeffress "told CBN News that the main purpose of the Roosevelt Room gathering was for Trump to inform the religious leaders of 'the continuing, remarkable accomplishments of this administration — especially in areas that are important to evangelicals.'"

Some of the participants posted these tweets: