Devin Nunes' Dem challenger rakes in over $300K in donations during House impeachment hearings

Thanks to the House Intelligence Committee impeachment hearings, Rep. Devin Nunes has the media spotlight trained upon him. Now, a Democrat is taking advantage of the increased scrutiny in a bid to unseat the California Republican.

Speaking to The Washington Post, Latino business executive, Phil Arballo, said that he saw a huge spike in contributions and overall interest in his campaign since the start of the hearings, in which Nunes played a key role, to the tune of $310,000 in donations. His Twitter follower count also surged to almost 150,000.

“We want to show people this is who he is now,” Arballo said, speaking of Nunes. “It’s not as an active representative of the 22nd, it’s as a protector of this administration, its scandals and its corruption.”

“If he loses it’ll be because he’s his own worst enemy,” Arballo continued. “He’s using the seat as a platform, he’s using it as a vehicle to spread his propaganda. It’s not about helping people in the district anymore. I think people see right through it.”