Pelosi claims enough evidence to impeach Trump -- but suggests more witnesses may testify
Nancy Pelosi speaks to reporters (CNN/screen grab)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi believes congressional investigators have uncovered enough evidence to impeach President Donald Trump -- but she suggested their inquiry isn't finished.

The California Democrat told reporters Thursday that Trump had obviously abused his office by attempting to pressure Ukraine into investigating political rival Joe Biden.

"The evidence is clear that the president -- the president -- has used his office for his own personal gain," Pelosi said.

Pelosi lamented that "Republicans are in denial about the facts," saying "the sad tragedy of all of this is the behavior of the president and the defense of that behavior by the Republicans.”

But she suggested the impeachment inquiry might call additional witnesses.

“We aren’t finished yet, the day is not over, and you never know what testimony of one person may lead to the need for testimony of another,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi strongly rejected the idea that House Democrats were targeting Trump in a partisan attack.

"If the Republicans are in the denial about the facts," she said, "they do not want to honor their oath of office, then I don't think that this should be -- we should be characterized as partisan in any way, because we are patriotic."