Trump administration officials 'ducking for cover' as search for Anonymous author roils White House
Kellyanne Conway appears on Fox News (screen grab)

According to Politico, the Trump administration is putting on an unconcerned face about the release of "A Warning" by the anonymous New York Times op-ed writer, insisting that the passages revealed so far from the book do not expose anything new about the goings-on in the White House.

Nevertheless, wrote Daniel Lippman, the book has produced a headache for the White House: a redoubled effort by reporters and political observers to deduce who exactly "anonymous" is.

"The amateur sleuths have zeroed in on a few traits that seem plausible, based on a reading of this person’s writings: It’s an establishment Republican who spent a decent amount of time in the West Wing," wrote Lippman. "The guessing game has some current officials ducking for cover. One person suspected by many in Trump's orbit initially did not respond to an email and text message sent Friday about whether he was Anonymous. When reached by phone later in the day, this person would say only: 'I'm not going to get into any of that.' A few minutes later, he called back to say in no uncertain terms that he wasn't the author."

The book has so far not revealed any substantial new ground, but has reinforced some claims that were already rumored, including that Vice President Mike Pence would support removing the president by the 25th Amendment — a claim he denies.