Trump allies want conservatives to fight impeachment as payment for stacking the courts with right-wingers
Accused rapist Brett Kavanaugh testifies during a rage-filled hearing about his fitness for office/Screenshot

President Donald Trump's allies want conservative legal activists to show their gratitude by defending him against impeachment.

The White House has been playing up the president's policy work -- including his stacking of the judiciary with conservative judges -- to counter Trump's apparent consumption with impeachment, but his allies want some more help, reported Politico.

In particular, Trump allies want Federal Society executive director Leonard Leo -- who was deeply involved in efforts to nominate and confirm Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh -- to take on more responsibility for defending the president.

“Leonard Leo has gotten everything he wanted from the Trump administration, and he has not lifted a finger to help when it matters most,” said one Republican close to the administration.

A spokesman for Leo disputed that criticism, saying the conservative activist has been working behind the scenes to defend the president.

“Some people pontificate and beat their chest while others work quietly and effectively," said spokesman Keith Appell. "Leonard’s support for the president has been clear from the time the president was a candidate, then during the transition, through dozens of judicial confirmations and to this date."